CKFA Membership

CKFA wishes to advise you of important membership changes commencing in 2017 that will affect ALL CKFA members.

Rising Insurance and operational costs force us to increase the Annual MEMBERSHIP FEE commencing January 2017 for ALL members.

As an organisation with a “not for profit” outlook we are always reluctant to increase any member fees and only do so after we have absorbed as many cost increases as we can without impacting our members. We feel the inclusions and benefits far outweigh the cost increases to the advantage of all members.

NOTE:  We are also transitioning to a new membership portal.  Feel free to register here if you haven’t yet received an email on this.

Annual Membership Fees from January 2017 – due before 30th January
(No further family or student discounts)

Kung Fu – ALL Members $80

Kung Fu – Young Mantis $30

Tai Chi – ALL Members $50

BENEFITS, Inclusions and Conditions

  • Right to apply to grade in the CKFA grading system
  • Insurance Cover included for training at any CKFA branch in Australia.
  • Seminar Discounts at ALL CKFA seminars in 2017
  • FREE Philosophy talk held annually in 3 locations in QLD.
  • 1 FREE dinner ticket* option available for CKFA member only to attend the CKFA annual dinner held at HQ in October each year.
    • Not redeemable for cash and non transferable
    • Limited to first 200pp to commit.
    • As catering attendance numbers are set after 20th September any member who initially commits and then does not attend will face a $30 catering cost penalty payable to their Sifu before next training session following the annual dinner.
    • All annual dinner bookings and payments (including Friends and Family) payable to your branch administrator by due date (usually by 20th)

Membership can be paid at your local branch or online.


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